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    How to choose the right bike for your child?
    Addtime:2021.12.25 Source:河北儿童自行车批发|邢台儿童自行车厂家|邢台儿童学步车销售- 天球儿童用品有限公司 Hits:

    There are two stages for children to grow up. The specific analysis is as follows:

    Stage 1:2 ~ 4 years old for slide

    The benefit of this scooter is that it is a good way to exercise your child's balance and exercise the muscles in your legs. Slide scooter itself is no transmission system and no brake system, driving vehicles mainly rely on the children sitting on the car to pedal the ground to get forward power. Slide wheel diameter of 10-12 inches, generally suitable for 2 to 5 years old children (height of 85 cm to 110 cm).

    Stage 2: A 16-inch pedal is suitable for children over 4 years old

    When your child is able to control the balance of a scooter, you may want to buy a pedal-mounted bicycle of a suitable size of 16 inches. If you are concerned that your child's balance is still inadequate, you can install training wheels on your vehicle to prevent falls.


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