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    What matters should children pay attention to when cycling?
    Addtime:2021.11.22 Source:河北儿童自行车批发|邢台儿童自行车厂家|邢台儿童学步车销售- 天球儿童用品有限公司 Hits:

    Tips for children on cycling

    Learning to ride a buggy has many benefits, but it also has some risks, so it is important to remember that safety. Take safety precautions before riding. Wear a helmet and knee and elbow pads.

    2, children need to ride when the wrist bones and muscles, because of the small age, the carpal bone part is very fragile, in the process of riding mom and dad also need to teach children to ride with the right way to hold, as far as possible to avoid wrist injury. In addition, children's pelvis is not yet mature, and the ground of the activity site chosen when riding should not be too hard, so as not to cause secondary injuries when cycling and falling.

    3, in early childhood, because the child's bone spine is still growing and developing, the physiological curvature of the spine has not been finalized, and the bone is soft. Therefore, in the process of riding, the height of the seat should be moderate, and the posture of the child should be correct, so as to prevent the deformation and deformity of the spine caused by incorrect riding posture for years in the process of playing in the car.

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