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    What are the advantages of cycling aerobic exercise
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    Aerobic exercise can absorb sufficient amount of oxygen, is the effective burning and hoarding of fat exercise. Our bodies are made up of more than 200 bones. The muscle that surrounds the bones is skeletal muscle, which is made up of aerobic muscle called slow muscle fibers and anaerobic muscle called fast muscle fibers.

    The main caloric source of aerobic muscle is carbohydrate and fat, while the caloric source of anaerobic muscle is carbohydrate.

    The muscles can store only a limited amount of liver sugar, and during strenuous exercise, they will use up all of it. In this way, aerobic muscles continue to burn fat reserves in order to keep moving. However, we can only use aerobic exercise to burn fat in our body if we work out for more than 20 minutes.

    The aerobic advantages of cycling

    The standard of general motion intensity is the heart sends a few blood inside 1min, namely heartbeat number. Cycling is a very effective way to maintain a heart rate that meets aerobic standards.

    At a certain intensity of exercise, the working muscles of the body generate heat, which causes the body temperature to rise. The body automatically sweats to lower its temperature.

    Sweat is made up of water, and for every liter of water a person weighing 60kg loses, his body temperature drops by 12 degrees Celsius. Of course, sweating isn't the only way to lower your body temperature, and the amount of water and heat you excrete in the process of breathing shouldn't be underestimated either.

    The speed of bicycle movement is relatively fast, and the rider is often blown by the oncoming wind, so the sweat is easy to evaporate. So while we may experience a sharp rise in body temperature while cycling, the evaporation of sweat ensures a comfortable body temperature, which is where aerobic exercise comes in.

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