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    Corporate purpose: people-oriented, customer first.

    Corporate spirit: unity, dedication, loyalty.

    Enterprise service tenet: smile, enthusiasm, sincerity, patience, carefulness, caring.

    Business principles: honesty, trustworthiness, diligence, efficiency, sunshine operation, standard operation.

    Wooden basin brand: standard, effect, image, public praise.

    Store guidelines: honesty - based, to dexing store, to win customers with technology, to reputation casting brand.

    Brand awareness: qualified service quality, high-quality company reputation, to create a famous brand.

    Staff slogan: unity, hard work, treat people with love, with the heart of Thanksgiving.

    Service standard: sweet mouth a little brain live a little light action a little higher efficiency

    Work a little more reason less good service a little temper a little

    Be generous and smile often

    Employee work experience:

    Morning, to wash up, light makeup, always appropriate. Make sanitation, want earnest, inn manager is checked, cooperate well.

    When gathering, be quick, listen to the password, and act together. During meetings, sit up straight, listen patiently, and take notes.

    When repast, press order, speak economy, do not waste. Stand welcome, posture beauty, guest see, tree thumb.

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